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We recognize 2019 was a rough year for some in the developing hemp industry. Over inflated input costs coupled with a lack of promised distribution might have you sitting on your products as you are reading this.


Like all developing industries it's not perfect and some have experienced the highs and many of you have/are experiencing the lows. As this growing season is underway every day that passes poses another risk to the uncertainty of 2019's crop. As our product remains in the field we would love to try and assist others in selling their crops or wholesale products. In order to do that we need the supporting documents to distribute to our network.


This is not a guaranteed sale, but those that are interested in clearing out space and or having a conversation with us in regards to the current market pricing and access to buyers we have in our network please fill out the form below.


We're here to help.


Allow us to leverage the network we have built in the hemp industry to get you out from under 2019 crop.


All it could take is for you to fill out the form below with the data we need to market your product.


  • We will reach out within 24 hours from your submission for an introductory call

  • No quantity too small or large

  • If you have more than one product, please just submit another form

  • No limit on amount of submissions


Product Intake Form

Contact information

Product Specifics

Upload Photo of Product
Upload COA
Certificate for Commerce
Grower's License

Thanks for submitting!

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