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Keeton Seed Firmer

DeltaForce Solves Variability

DeltaForce replaces the springs or airbags on your current planter with hydraulic cylinders and load cells that measure how much weight is being carried on the row unit gauge wheels and keep it consistent.  The operator sets a weight that should be carried on the gauge wheels, and DeltaForce does the rest, maintaining the same weight on the gauge wheels of every row, even across the variation of a field or from equipment.  With DeltaForce, the hidden yield loss from compaction is eliminated, and each row is planting at the depth that was set.  Great roots, great emergence, great yields.

Seed to soil contact made easy

When seeds don't make it to the bottom of the furrow, there is an air gap that causes a delay in emergence. Seed Firmers press each seed to the bottom of the furrow to improve seed-to-soil contact and give you a crop stand you can be proud of.

A Common Problem

Seeds don't always land in the bottom of the trench where they belong.  This can leave an air pocket underneath them, not allowing them to take up moisture as fast as they could.  That leads to late germination and emergence, and finally, loss of yield. 

A Simple Solution

Keeton Seed Firmers gently press every seed into the bottom of the trench to tuck it firmly in the soil, ready to take in the moisture and heat it needs.  Keeton Seed Firmers are a simple attachment that adds yield to your planter, seeder, or drill.


Apply In-furrow Liquid

The Keeton seed firmer can also act as a liquid application tool for insecticides, fungicides, and proper in-furrow fertilizers.  Choose directly on the seed placement or a splitter to split the stream of liquid.  Either way, you still get the benefits of firming, as well as liquid application in a single device.

Sticky Soil? No Problem! 

The Low-Stick Keeton Seed Firmer is designed with a material specifically for use in sticky soil conditions. It works the same as the standard Keeton by gently pressing every seed into the bottom of the trench to tuck it firmly in the sticky soil without getting soil built up. It is also capable of liquid application. 

Below is an example of a Low-Stick Keeton Seed Firmer compared to a standard Keeton Seed Firmer ran in sticky soil conditions. Talk to a Precision Planting Premier Dealer to determine the best Keeton Seed Firmer for your conditions!

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