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See seeds, not dust.

Traditional seed sensors count dust and seed, giving you inaccurate population counts and that uneasy feeling of not knowing if you can believe your planter monitor. WaveVision is a seed sensor that counts only seeds and not dust, giving you confidence that the population you see on your monitor is the population that you’re planting.

Have Confidence

When you are planting, we know that you want to be confident that the population that is displayed on your monitor is actually what is being planted.  In order to have this confidence, you need to be sure that all the seeds are being counted, and nothing else.  But there is a problem; traditional seed sensors can't tell the difference between dust and seed, which can make you very unsettled.  You may have experienced it; planting one direction your population is right, but the other direction, it spikes high, making you wonder what is going on.  We believe that accurate planting data is something that should be in every tractor cab in the spring.  With many employees at Precision Planting that farm, we realize how frustrating it is to have information in front of you that just doesn't make sense.  That's why we wanted to fix this problem, so you no longer have that unsettled feeling.  The WaveVision seed sensor counts seed and not dust, has tungsten carbide wear points to reduce double disk wear on the tube, and has a smooth front wall to prevent seed bounce.  So find a dealer, replace your frustrating seed sensors, and don't let that dust bother you anymore.

Avoid Premature Wear

We’ve inserted tungsten carbide wear tips that prevent the double-disk opener from wearing through the tip of the seed tube.
It’s a simple solution to an annoying problem.

No Optical Sensor Means No Ricochet

Too often, seeds hit the sensor on their way down the seed tube. When this happens, seeds ricochet down the tube causing the familiar skip/double pattern in the field.  WaveVision reduces these errors by eliminating the optical sensor that causes the errors.

See What You’re Really Planting

Dust won’t get in the way of accurate data anymore.

By using high-frequency radio waves, WaveVision measures mass instead of shape. So seed can’t be confused with dust particles. You’ll get the population you want. And you’ll see more accurate information so you can have peace of mind — you’re doing the right thing.

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