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Adjust depth from the cab.

Adjusting depth on your planter is time-consuming. SmartDepth allows you to quickly and easily make depth adjustments, from inside the cab, as conditions change. This saves you time and gives you the confidence that each row is set right where you need it to be.

Too Shallow, Too Deep, Just Right

Many farmers believe that getting planting depth deep enough so each seed is in moisture is the proper way to set depth. While getting into moisture is important, there are tradeoffs to planting too deep or too shallow. If planted too shallow, seeds potentially are not in moisture and will not germinate consistently. 

What about when there is plenty of moisture in the soil, even at shallower depths? In this scenario, planting deeper than necessary will cost you emergence speed and consistency due to less heat being available at the deeper depths, which drives emergence.

The Same Depth Setting Doesn’t Mean the Same Depth

Even when set to the same depth setting, the actual planting depth across a planter can vary by up to ½” because of manufacturing variance and wear. You can check this variability on your planter by doing a block check in your shop. SmartDepth removes row-to-row variability through a calibration process to make sure the same depth setting truly means the same depth.

Dial-in Depth in Shallow Seeded Crops

When you are trying to get seeds just below the soil’s surface in crops like cotton, it is critical to have the right depth set. Being off by a ¼ or ½ inch can be the difference between getting a great stand or having to replant. SmartDepth allows you to make depth adjustments in 1/10th inch increments, right from the cab, so you can get your seed depth exactly where you need it.

The key to getting downforce correct is to measure the amount of weight on the depth gauge wheels of the planter.  If there is weight on the wheels, then the row unit is planting at the depth that has been set.  Too much weight, and compaction occurs; no weight, and seeding depth, or ground contact is lost.  Once the weight on the gauge wheels is known, it becomes easy to get that weight correct.  A load cell is used on the planter to measure the amount of weight that is on the gauge wheels.

Inform Depth Decisions by Pairing SmartDepth and SmartFirmer

Digging a few seeds per field does not give you a complete picture of whether your depth setting is correct. SmartFirmer is a seed firmer-sensor that measures the amount of moisture available to the seed, so you can adjust your depth correctly and know that you will have a consistent stand for your crop. Plant at the best depth for your conditions when you utilize the information from SmartFirmer displayed on your 20|20 monitor to seamlessly make depth changes with SmartDepth.

Agritechnica 2019 Silver Award for Innovation

Precision Planting was awarded an Agritechnica 2019 Silver Award for Innovation for the SmartDepth product.

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