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360 Sprint


Stopping the planter to refill liquid nitrogen kills productivity. Now there is a solution. The 360 SPRINT system lets you re-supply nitrogen on-the-go and in the field. Like a jet refueling system, 360 SPRINT uses a modified UTV with an innovative docking system to lock onto your planter and transfer up to 300 gallons to the planter or tractor tanks.

By keeping the planter rolling, you can cover 30% more acres. Plus, you can keep the planter lighter with more frequent refills compared to "loading up" two or three times per field. That decreases planter compaction that robs you of yield.


Just guide the UTV toward the coupler and engage the transfer lock. That ensures a tight seal. Power up the fast 2" pump to transfer 300 gallon in under four minutes.

The spring loaded receiving cone and the articulate transfer boom allow the system to flex over uneven terrain and maintain a tight seal. Once you lock on the coupler, the flexible transfer hose gives you a cushion as you adjust to bumps and speed changes on the planter.



The system includes a tandem axle and frame support structure that supports the tank and boosts the capacity of your standard UTV. These bolt-on modifications do not permanently alter the frame of your UTV and provide the support needed to carry an additional 3300 pounds to the field.



With in-field, on-the-go fills, you eliminate the travel time of the planter tot he tender tank and the fill time. Cover 30% more acres, every day.

Loading the planter/tractor combination with a capacity load of liquid can amplify center compaction and pinch-row yield loss. Test show that center compaction routinely lowers yields in the center of the planter by 10 to 15%. With "just-in-time" liquid delivery, you minimize planter/tractor weight while keeping productivity high.

Hit the switch to automatically fire up the rugged Honda engine and pump system. You are in control with an array of switches to engage coupler, engine and pump - all from the driver's seat. Engine swings out for easy fueling and services.

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