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The 360 DRAG CHAIN is an advancement over ordinary drag chains in two ways:

  • A simpler mounting system.

  • A flexible extension arm that keeps chains from getting caught on spike-style closing wheels.


Drag chains pull fine soil particles over the seed trench and finish the job of the closing wheels. They offer low-cost insurance that your seed trench is sealed tight. The 360 DRAG CHAIN does that plus it covers a wider swath - designed to work with 360 BANDIT to help seal the fertilizer slot created by the 360 BANDIT's fertilizer coulter.



360 DRAG CHAINs mount using the closing wheel hub bolt. This mounting location provides added width and minimizes the overall bracket length. That reduces transport width on front fold planters.


360 BANDIT places nitrogen in a band, three inches from the seed trench. The 360 DRAG CHAIN covers an eight-inch swath. That extra width ensures that the nitrogen slot is sealed and the seed trench is leveled.


Each 360 DRAG CHAIN kit comes with a base bracket and an extension bracket. Use the base bracket for rubber and cast wheels. For spike closing wheels and other "paddle" types of wheels, use the extension bracket.

For many, the primary complaint on drag chains is that they can catch on spike wheels. The bracket design on the 360


DRAG CHAIN eliminates this risk. The extension bracket moves the chain away from the spikes. The pivoting bracket provides flexibility for the chain to float. As the chain moves up, the bracket widens and the chain tightens - preventing the chain from catching on the spikes.


360 DRAG CHAINs are designed for John Deere, Kinze, White and Harvest International planter row units and work with most closing wheels including: Rubber, Cast, Spike, Schlagel and Copperhead.

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