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20 | 20

You cannot change what you cannot see. Let the 20|20 system lead you to better decisions as it monitors, controls, and diagnoses your field conditions and equipment performance in real-time.

Data drives decisions

Each step of the crop cycle must have accurate data to provide insights into what decisions should be made.  Whether you’re stopping in the field to make a fix, evaluating your approach for the next pass, or choosing your purchases for next season, you need the right data for the job. When you make better decisions for your next pass, you make better decisions next season, and throughout the future of your operation

High definition agronomic technology

High definition data enables high impact decisions. The new 20|20 monitor provides the most advanced agronomic picture you’ve ever seen. Optimize planting, harvest, and application decisions with a smart, intuitive interface that visualizes performance and field conditions in real time; seed by seed, plant by plant, drop by drop. Customize display configurations, add sensors, and discover things about your field you may have never known.

From knowledge to ultimate control

20|20 can be utilized as a monitor to help you simply set the planter to maximize planter performance in each crop, each day of planting. That same 20|20 also powers the most agronomically advanced systems on the market that control population, down force, liquid, multi-hybrid planting and high speed planting, all while sensing the furrow.  20|20 does all this and more to allow you to not only have the accurate data to make those crucial decisions, but also gives your equipment the powerful automation to make decisions as it passes through the field, optimizing every pass.

For the air seeder and drill

20|20 provides the operator of an air seeder or drill visibility that is unavailable anywhere else.  This visibility is two fold; seeding distribution and downforce.  Is an outlet to a tower plugged?  20|20 will alert you.  Need a change in downforce on the air seeder?  See it with the 20|20 and make an adjustment before it costs you.

For the sidedress bar

Utilize 20|20 on the sidedress bar to capture rate by row, and pair it with vApplyHD to control the rate on each knife.  The same display provides you with the clearest agronomic picture available.

For the combine

Move 20|20 to the combine, paired with YieldSense, and you now have a powerhouse of knowledge at your fingertips.  Compare maps side by side, with the most accurate yield data available on the market.  You need knowledge to make decisions, and you get it with 20|20 year round.

Pair with FieldView

20|20 can be used in conjunction with the FieldView Cab app to provide you with high definition maps on your iPad of not only hybrid and population, but also the planter performance maps that matter.  Using your 20|20 on your application toolbar or with YieldSense?  Application and the most spatially accurate harvest data available can be mapped in FieldView Cab when 20|20 is paired with it. 

If you choose to connect your 20|20 to FieldView Cab, an external module is used to transfer data between the 20|20 and your iPad with the FieldView Cab app.

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